Working class and milo

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Working class and milo

Internationalist photo By the Revolutionary Internationalist Youth Hundreds of copies of this statement were distributed as a Revolution leaflet at the CSUF campus in the days before the Yiannopoulos event.

Working class and milo

The Milo Yiannopoulos bigotry road show may be coming soon to a city near you. There will be an orgy of racism, patriotism, misogyny, xenophobia, anti-intellectualism. Aboard his bandwagon will be a slew of fascists and white supremacists of varying stripes.

This moving festival of race-hate poses a clear and present — and potentially deadly — danger to the working class and oppressed Working class and milo several fronts.


Facing this threat, defense of those who are targeted calls for mass mobilizations based on the power of the working class. He aims to strike fear in marginalized groups and bring down state repression on leftists.

This can represent a serious threat to the well-being of many groups, especially undocumented students who are at risk of being seized and deported. He was invited to campus by the College Republicans, wannabe junior McCarthys the Wisconsin senator of witch-hunting infamy whose specialty is setting up, provoking and fingering people for repression.

Earlier this year they attacked adjunct instructor Eric Canin and then tried to get him fired with the connivance of the campus administration. But they failed and Dr. Canin is back teaching again. The Yiannopoulus Halloween event looks like an attempt at revenge.

Their counterparts in New York, the Columbia University College Republicans, recently sponsored a Skype speech by Muslim-bashing white supremacist Tommy Robinson, a founder of the fascist English Defence League, which was drowned out and shut down by hundreds of protesters inside and outside the hall.

Among those protesting this racist provocation was the Revolutionary Internationalist Youth. Next up, the Columbia Republicans are planning to host Alt-Right conspiracy theorist, accused rapist and convicted woman-beater Mike Cernovich. Luckily the shot missed. The threatened week-long hate-fest in Berkeley spawned a movement by faculty to petition campus authorities to cancel classes and call on the chancellor to ban the Alt-Rightists.

But the administration which runs the university on behalf of the bourgeoisie should not be able to dictate who can and cannot speak on campus.

Moreover, such a precedent would inevitably be used mainly to ban leftists. In the end, the event collapsed, called off by the sponsor, the Berkeley Patriot an online front for the College Republicans. Yiannopoulos showed up on Sunday, September 24 to stage a self-aggrandizing minute photo op behind police barricades, accompanied by Cernovich and Muslim-basher Pam Gellert.

On Sunday night they rampaged through the city streets.

Milo: Feminists 'Waging War on Working Class Men' : MensRights

A group including members of the frat rat fascist Proud Boys and an Oathkeeper militiaman and bodyguard for neo-Nazi Tim Gionet pounded on the windows of Revolution Books. The next day, a clot tried to provoke violence at a homeless camp.

Three anti-fascists were arrested — we demand all charges against them be dropped! Their provocations have very real consequences. At the University of Washington in Seattle on January 20, a Milo fan shot and gravely wounded a protester outside of a Yiannopoulos event the shooter was not charged by Seattle police with any crime.

We are for mobilizing mass action — by students, workers, immigrants and all defenders of democratic rights, including the right to free speech — to thwart such provocations and defend those who would be victimized.

But we do not call on the university to ban them. His stage performances consist of belittling and humiliating the powerless and oppressed, whether it is immigrants, Muslims, women, African Americans or lesbian, gay and transgender people.

Such actions are not the exercise of free speech, but deliberate provocations, targeting individuals or groups of people with the intent of causing harm to them.

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Similarly, as at UC Berkeley, some call on university administrations to cancel the events.And the trailer certainly embraces the down-on-her-luck, plucky, overlooked but totally fabulous working-class woman goes up against cocky, privileged white guy narrative.

"The white working class wants jobs. They don't want to be stuck trying to make ends meet with part-time work and government assistance. They want a good paying job that they can take pride in. The type of job that has fled America thanks to the Left." - Milo Yiannopoulos quotes from WATCH: Milo At UC – Colorado Springs: Why The Dems Lost The White Working Class.

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How class produced Milo, and how class may absolve him

Mitchell in Trending Commentary, Videos February 3, Comments Off on WATCH: Milo At UC – Colorado Springs: Why The Dems Lost The White Working Class. Greg Milo Working Class Vegan Man Vegan guy who likes sports, beer, and eating healthy.

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