Williamson and oliver case

Amusing diversionsbiographyShort observations — Shane Greenstein I walked upstairs to tell my wife I was leaving for work. She was listening to a news radio station, as she does every morning. She told me the Nobel Prize in Economics had been announced.

Williamson and oliver case

By 25 years after the close of the Civil War, almost a quarter of a million pension applications had been rejected because applicants could not obtain affidavits proving their service-related disabilities.

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By incorporating a special schedule with the Census, the U. In addition to the information obtained by the census enumerators, questionnaires were published in major newspapers in hopes of finding veterans overlooked by the census.

Efforts to print the information contained in these schedules proved too expensive and were ultimately abandoned. About a quarter of the census was burned in The remainder of the census was badly damaged and all but a handful of schedules were destroyed in The Union Soldier Schedules, however, were saved since they were in the custody of the Veterans Administration at the time of the Commerce Department Building fire.

Unfortunately about half of these schedules alphabetically Alabama through Kentucky have been lost or destroyed. Statistics from Census Report The Texas population in was 2, Of these, 8, surviving Union soldiers and 1, Union soldier widows are listed.

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In contrast to the Union numbers, 66, Confederate veterans and 9, widows were living in Texas in The Schedule Form The special schedule form asks for the name of the veteran or widow.

The post office address or institution of the veteran or widow, the disability incurred by the veteran and general remarks are listed at the bottom of the page. Likewise, a widow listing does not mean the soldier died during the war but may have died during the 25 years between the end of the war and this census.

This index does not list every field from the special schedule. It does contain the following information: Name of Veteran and, if applicable, name of widow Military Regiment and Rank County of Enumeration and microfilm roll number You are strongly encouraged to look at the microfilms of the original schedules to verify the information contained in this index.

Moreover, you will find additional information about veterans which an index does not provide. Four microfilms are available through the National Archives and possibly your local genealogy library. The National Archives uses film numbers M xxx for their reference number.

The last column of the index lists the number of the roll xxx. The counties were grouped or bundled alphabetically by geographical region on the microfilm.

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The individual sheets are not numbered, but it is easy to find a county on the microfilm. Following is the order of appearance of the counties: If a county is not listed, it was not contained in the schedule.

These Texas counties were only in existence from to Both were formed from Presidio Co. Confederate Soldiers This schedule was only designed to find Union soldiers due to the pension problems described earlier.The Federal Circuit’s en banc decision in Williamson v.

Citrix Online[1] has triggered a significant shift in the interpretation of “functional”[2] claims in . An Interview with Oliver Williamson For example, concerning the firm, I am of the view that it is crucial to understand the mechanisms through which different boards of directors work.

In a seminal paper in , and an ensuing book, Markets and Hierarchies, 4 years later, Oliver Williamson developed a detailed theory of the firm in the Coasean spirit.

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Oliver has appeared in many important and high profile cases over the years including: Edwards v Chesterfield [] 2 AC 22 in the Supreme Court on behalf of Mr Edwards; and GMC v Southall [] EWCA Civ in the Court of Appeal on behalf of Dr Southall in medical work.

Williamson: The New Institutional Economics The New Institutional Economics: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead OLIVER E.

Williamson and oliver case

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Williamson and oliver case
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