The issue of social security in the upcoming presidential election

Email With the presidential primary elections fast approaching, voters should know where the major candidates stand on a critical issue: Millions of Americans know that Social Security is in trouble. To avoid this scenario, most financial experts support moving to a funded system that allows workers to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts PRAs. Such accounts would be highly diversified and would create new wealth that would head off the problem before it arises.

The issue of social security in the upcoming presidential election

The issue of social security in the upcoming presidential election

Do you think it will play a major role in the outcome of the presidential election? If by restructuring people concentrate on a devolvement of federal power to the autonomous states, so they can perform certain functions that they can perform better than the Federal Governmentit is expected that quite a lot of people will make that an election issue at the presidential level.

Also, if by restructuring, it is for some states a weakness in federal capacity — by that, I mean the powers of the Federal Government to assuage and assist states from time to time — I also feel that if anybody brings it up and presents properly, it can be an election issue.

The third consideration is the geopolitical zones. I know that the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar made restructuring also an all-important issue in his campaign. Why did you say so? I think Nigerians are concerned mostly with the security issue, welfare issue, education issue, health issue, social welfare and programmes that will better the lot of the people.

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But I think what would stand out in this election is security and welfare. As you can see, the reaction of people when the President took a decision to say something, no matter how small, to the workers of the disbanded Nigerian Airways if you were watching the reaction of people in generalthere seemed to be some kind of jubilation.

And generally, when there is an economic matter based on the welfare of the people, the people appear to be more celebratory. Nigerians have really suffered, even the Nigerians that are working, for the lack of pensions, payment of salaries, difficulties of meeting basic social amenities, educational levies and things like that.

I think these are the issues that will interest the voters of the country and particularly the security aspect. There has been too much killing of Nigerians.

I think people are fed up. There is strike here today and strike there tomorrow. So, I think the central issue in the election will be security and who can provide our countrymen with a secure environment, security of life, security of property and all the little things we have. I think that will feature more than the esoteric debate about definitions of restructuring and restructuring itself.

But restructuring is something which is good for Nigeria at a political level and a practical level. Would it be correct to say the issues of security and welfare are offshoots of the lack of restructuring?

Without restructuring, England has been able to do well. I think if the present administration takes the economy to the heights it can, improves on the welfare of the people, ensure that graduates have jobs and ordinary people have jobs, food on the table and money and one is sure about sleeping in the house and not being kidnapped, and waking up tomorrow, walk the streets of Lagos, Kano and Borno and they are sure that nobody is going to yank you off, I think these are the issues that are mundane and that are disturbing Nigeria.

A lot of southerners see northerners as the antagonist to the struggle for unity in Nigeria, especially when it comes to discussions on restructuring. What do you think? The North that used to stand against restructuring is the current North. The most prominent aspirant from the North has become a presidential candidate and he is an avid advocate of restructuring and that is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

This is a highly sophisticated North, one that wants an economy that works. They want a system of national health service that works.


They know what is happening to their brothers and sisters who are caught up in the Almajiri — that thing that is holding these little children down. They know what is happening in Borno and with Boko Haram. These people are not against restructuring.

They watch the television; they watch the news and they see Muslim countries are developed and they coming to grips with the debilitating activities of somebody trying to suppress another one either on the basis of religion or ethnicity.

Look at all what is happening in Kaduna, Borno, Benue and everywhere else. The North is not monolithic and we are not underdeveloped.

Social Security is an Election Issue

We, and our children particularly are yearning for development and anything that will bring about or quicken the pace of development in the economy; for us to make money, eat good food and be recognised, not as lazy people.

I think the young men of the North would go for that. I am quite sure about that because I live here. We are not against anything that is radical. In fact, I have always maintained that the South is conservative.

The North is more radical; we do things that the southerners would not do. So, we are not a people that will like to just sit down and be underdeveloped.With the presidential primary elections fast approaching, voters should know where the major candidates stand on a critical issue: Social Security choice.

Will the Election Affect Social Security? The presidential candidates have been relatively mum on Social Security this year. Will the Election Affect Social Security? the issue doesn't. Popular Political Issues We receive over a million unique answers (and filter out multiple submissions) to our political issues survey per day and categorize the submissions by political affiliation, state, city, and referral website, as well as census data estimates by income, race, education, and household.

No, Social security benefits need to be strictly monitored for individuals receiving non retirement age disabilty. 3 years ago from a Constitution in Towson, MD Social security should be completely dissolved in favor of fair wages that allow for savings until one is ready to .

Mar 07,  · How presidential candidates would change Social Security With the number of serious presidential candidates thinning out and the election drawing closer, it's . Nov 26,  · Ensuring security of upcoming presidential elections is a great responsibility of the security forces and we hope they do this duty neutrally, Dr.

Abdullah went on to say. Calling the issue to establish interim government an untimely action, he added we have no option but to hold the elections.

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