Reccomendation report

What sections are typically included in a recommendation report?

Reccomendation report

The Working Group makes substantive changes to the technical report at any time after a Last Call announcement and prior to Publication as a Recommendationexcept when the changes involve the removal of features at risk identified in a Call for Implementations.

The Director requires the Working Group to address important issues raised during a review or as the result of implementation experience. After republication as a Working Draft, the next forward step available to the Working Group is a Last Call announcement.

At the same time as publication, the Director issues a Call for Implementations. When a Working Group completes its work on a technical report, it publishes it either as a Recommendation or a Working Group Note. For example, a Working Group might publish several Working Drafts of a requirements document, and then indicate that it no longer plans to work on the requirements document by publishing a Working Group Note.

For instance, the Director might close a Working Groupthe participants might lose interest in a technical report, or the ideas might be subsumed by another technical report.

Reccomendation report

The following sections discuss the management of errors and the process for making normative changes to a Recommendation.

In this Process Document, the term "erratum" plural "errata" refers to any class of mistake, from mere editorial to a serious error that may affect the conformance with the Recommendation by software or content e.

7 W3C Technical Report Development Process

Before a document becomes a Recommendation, the W3C Process focuses on substantive changes those related to prior reviews. After a document has been published as Recommendation, the W3C Process focuses on those changes to a technical report that might affect the conformance of content or deployed software.

Each Recommendation links to an errata page; see the Team's Publication Rules. A correction is first "proposed" by the Working Group. A correction becomes normative -- of equal status as the text in the published Recommendation -- through one of the processes described below. An errata page MAY include both proposed and normative corrections.

A Working Group MUST report errata page changes to interested parties, notably when corrections are proposed or become normative, according to the Team's requirements. For instance, the Team might set up a mailing list per Recommendation where a Working Group reports changes to an errata page.

This document distinguishes the following classes of changes to a Recommendation.

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No changes to text content These changes include fixing broken links or invalid markup. Corrections that do not affect conformance Editorial changes or clarifications that do not change the technical content of the specification. A change that affects conformance is one that: New features The first two classes of change require no technical review of the proposed changes, although a Working Group MAY issue a Call for Review.

For the third class of change, W3C requires: Review by the community to ensure the technical soundness of proposed corrections.

Reccomendation report

Timely publication of the edited Recommendation, with corrections incorporated.Full Answer. The elements contained in a recommendation report include: Identification of the problem, an overall comparison of several solutions, conclusions drawn from study and comparison of the solutions and a recommendation.

This specification defines the syntax and semantics of XSLT , a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents. XSLT is a revised version of the XSLT Recommendation [XSLT ] published on 16 November Toggle navigation.

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