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The single-instruction-multiple-data SIMD classification is analogous to doing the same operation repeatedly over a large data set. This is commonly done in signal processing applications. Multiple-instruction-single-data MISD is a rarely used classification. While computer architectures to deal with this were devised such as systolic arraysfew applications that fit this class materialized.

Parallelism essays

These conjunctions connect words, phrases, and clauses that have the same level of meaning in the same sentence. Use the same grammatical structure with both elements of the correlative.

Andrew was both an industrious student, and he was also an excellent athlete. Andrew was both an industrious student and an excellent athlete.

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If you use not only Jessica not only excelled in mathematics, but she also astounded audiences with her musical talent. Comparisons Use a parallel structure when you connect two words, phrases, or clauses with a comparison word, including than or as.

Parallelism essays has a higher grade point average than her brother does. A good parallel structure can add a certain elan to a sentence that has equivalent or evenly-balanced parts. For a more detailed explanation and exercises, download the free worksheets.

They are in PDF format. The front page explains parallelism and explains how to correct errors in parallelism. The second page consists of sentences that the student must correct. There is space provided below each sentence, so that the student actually has to write out the sentence, rather than merely identifying an error.

Parallelism essays

Worksheet 1, 9 Exercises We debated between two options immigration had given us: My uncle Julius likes bagels, lox, and eating chicken salad. Bill not only runs five miles every day, he consumes eight thousand calories. The principal is excited about both the swim team earning national honors, and that the debate team won its first tournament.

The house sitter lost the keys, neglected the dogs, and she also trashed the kitchen. Worksheet 2, 16 Exercises My parents considered getting a divorce or they would obtain a legal separation.

Meaghan was excited by the prospect of visiting Paris, or that she might attend a family reunion in Italy. The veterinarian examined the lab results, consulted with a colleague, and he also studied the stool specimen under a microscope before meeting with the owner of the expensive bulldog.

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After Neil ran home, he thought he would either play basketball or he might also study his piano lessons. Jasmine not only listens to political speeches; she analyzes them and posts her opinions on Facebook.

Joshua sometimes wrote poorly researched essays that were sloppy, and they were not well organized. Ruthie always knew that her pumpkin pie recipe was better than Aunt Sally. After dropping out of Annapolis, Roger promised himself that he would finish college, write a book, and that he would invest in the stock market.

Either Jasmine will study chemical engineering or anthropology. The baseball coach wants players who are hard-working, determined, and who get along well with their teammates.Shakespeare definition, English poet and dramatist.

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