Ota design thesis

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Ota design thesis

The analog module was analyzed, designed and prototyped in AMS0. Experimental results are presented, in order to validate the methodology. Most VLSI systems require analog sub-systems such as amplifiers, comparators, filters, oscillators, digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters.

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The objective of analog circuit design is to map signal conditioning constrains into electronic circuit blocks that meet those specifications. This task is a challenging activity because the analog design procedure targets complex design specifications like dynamic range, noise, offset voltages, gain, etc.

Most often the analog design process imposes design trade-offs, some of them taken based on designer s experience with that technology to achieve a successful design.

Ota design thesis

More critical in deep sub-micron CMOS mixedsignal ICs are the specifications of analog circuits that are sensitive to the random variations of the size and technology parameters.

In addition to that, we added an optimization in the design phase: In [1] [2] [3] several analog blocks, including the Miller OTA, were designed using this methodology.

The design procedure aimed best performances in terms of dc gain Avphase margin PM and slew rate SRshowing good results. The process parameters were obtained through electrical simulation considering the AMS0.

Section 2 addresses the design methodology and its main features in detail. The application of the methodology in the design of a Miller amplifier is presented in detail in Section 3. Section 4 presents a quick overview of the prototyped test chip where the amplifier was implemented.

The experimental results of this implementation, including comparison with simulation results, are shown in Section 5.

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Finally, Section 6 presents our conclusions. It is strongly related to the performance of analog circuits; It gives an indication of the device operation region; It provides a simple way to determine the transistors dimensions.

For each analog block the designer has to deal with a fixed power or current budget. In addition to the discussed design method, we included an additional optimization in the design phase: This relationship is considered as a fundamental device technology relation that determines the minimum allowable transistor lengths.

Considering both characteristics, the design procedure consists in two basic phases.

Ota design thesis

Both curves were obtained through electrical simulations for the AMS0. In the next section, we explain the proposed design methodology more clearly, using as a case of study the OTA Miller design.

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Figure 1 shows the amplifier schematics. From the specified phase margin, the value of Cc is chosen, i. Thus, the next step is to obtain the transistor sizes do meet the require specifications.Chapter 2 The Pulp and Paper Making Processes The modem manufacture of paper evolved from an ancient art first developed in China, ca.

A.D. Although the modem product differs considerably. LOW POWER ARCHITECTURE AND CIRCUIT TECHNIQUES FOR HIGH BOOST WIDEBAND GM-C FILTERS A Thesis by MANISHA GAMBHIR Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of. The caninariojana.com2 is an easy to use Bluetooth module, compliant with Bluetooth v The module provides complete RF platform in a small form factor.

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