Nursing care study essay

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Nursing care study essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The patients name is Adam and he is a middle aged man who is separated from his wife and lives with his mother. Adam is an alcoholic who was referred to hospital against his wishes, by his G.

He presented with heel ulcers secondary to vasculitis, a groin skin infection and cellulitis secondary to poor hygiene. This study looks at how Adam felt about being in hospital and what he hoped to gain from his treatment.

The role of the multi-disciplinary team in treating Adam. The areas seen as problematic for Adam and the plans made to overcome these problems. Also described is my relationship with Adam and the role I played in his care. In conclusion the different needs of patients in general hospital and mental health care settings is looked at.

His mother whom he lives with had summoned the G. His condition was deteriorating rapidly but he did not want the doctor called and this led to a significant delay in his receiving treatment. According to his mother he was urinating and vomiting on himself but refused to look after his personal hygiene needs.

Nursing care study essay

He was also refusing to take his Librium which was prescribed to him by his doctor. His presenting features were G. Adam had a history HX of asthma, peptic ulcer disease PUDAppendectomy, alcohol liver disease, obstructive jaundice and cellulitis. They are located typically in the stomach and a major causative is excess alcohol.

His confirmed diagnoses was 1 Bilateral heel ulcers pressure sores secondary to vasculitis. He was noted as an infection control risk due to open wounds and poor hygiene.

Adam Nursing care study | Essay Example

Also noted as a problem for alcoholism and alcohol neuropathy. His right heel wound was open and clean but his left heel wound was necrotic. It is worth noting at this stage that apart from his alcohol problem there is no mention of his diagnosis of psychiatric problems or referral for psychiatric assessment.

He was a very compliant and pleasant patient but seemed to be totally unconcerned about his physical condition or his personal hygiene. Adam at first was completely immobile and as part of his treatment regime was a daily shower, it offered a good opportunity to communicate with him.

However when his physical needs were dealt with Adam spent most of the day in a chair beside his bed with his legs raised.Ethical Issues in Health Care & Nursing: Elder Abuse Ethical Issues in Health Care & Nursing: Elder Care The ethical issue in health care and/or nursing that is the subject of this paper will involve geriatrics or elder care and abuse by nursing staff in various settings.

Nursing Care Plan (case study) Topic: Nursing Care Plan (case study) Order Description. Case Study: Mario is a 74 year old male that has been admitted to hospital (for an unrelated illness) however he has cracked and sore heels and his wife ‘Angela’ insists that you rub olive oil on his feet that she has bought in from home in an unmarked bottle.

A nursing diagnosis identifies an actual or potential response of a patient to a health problem (Jones ). Nursing diagnoses are important because they provide the foundation for the selection of nursing interventions (Walton ).

This care plan is the concluding half to the initial care plan. Nursing Theory Plan of Care Theoretical Foundations of Practice NUR/ March 05, Nursing Theory Plan of Care Ida Orlando literally wrote the book on the function of theory of the deliberative nursing process outlines a dynamic nurse-patient relationship in which the nurse uses his or her senses of perception together with deliberate actions to create an individualized care.

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Creating a Nursing Care Plan from Case Study. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our The aim of this assignment is to analyse a case study and create a nursing care plan based on the patient's.

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