Essay water resources

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Essay water resources

Water resources are water that is used for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes. For all these activities fresh water is required. Out of the total water in the world, only 2.

Most of the fresh water is frozen in glaciers and Polar ice caps. Only a small fraction of the fresh water can be used by humans for their needs. Water shortage has become a problem all over the world.

Access to safe, dependable and sustainable water supply and sanitation facilities is a basic need and a human right. Water resource problem has resulted due to a mixture of climatic change and poor resource management.

Although the water crisis is most marked in developing countries, the developed world is also facing major environmental problems and human health consequences due to diminishing water resource.

Economic prosperity does not automatically mean plenty of water. Lack of adequate water has affected not only the undeveloped but also the developed countries. We need water for our basic sustenance such as drinking without which we cannot live.

We also need water for a variety of needs such as cooking, washing and sanitation. Besides this, water is also required in irrigation. We are facing a water crisis in the world. Water problem is caused when there is not enough water for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses.

One of the major causes of water problem is the rising population. According to UN estimates by there will be an additional 3 billion people in the world.

Essay water resources

Thus, demand for water will increase further. Rapid Urbanization has led to the requirement of more water to individuals and to process the concentrations of wastewater generated in the urban areas. Water quality and the guarantee of making quality water available to all regardless of income or social status is one of the most pressing problems of the world.

The problem of water resource is amplified by wasteful use of scarce water resources. Competition in water is growing. Groundwater is pumped up from aquifers to meet this demand.

Due to this, many aquifers have dried up and the level of groundwater has fallen. Depletion of water resources is caused by water pollution and ageing water infrastructure.

Water pollution consists of unfavorable affects on water which makes the water unusable. Water pollution causes major changes in water quality and the ecological condition in water. Pollution in water consists of a wide variety of chemicals, pathogens and altering the physical chemistry of water.

Exposure to oil pollutants can alter the ecology of aquatic habitats and the physiology of aquatic organisms. Water resources is also affected by Stalinization resulting from discharge of saline agricultural and mining drainage water to river systems and the increased rate of natural discharge of saline groundwater to surface water resources in irrigated and non irrigated areas.

Major rivers which were fresh before have become saline and unusable for human and livestock consumption and other uses. Besides this, climatic change has resulted in shrinking of the glaciers and decreased rainfall, which are significant sources of water.

For example, Europe is becoming drier due to shrinking of the Alpine Glaciers Nonliving and living factors that contribute to or are affected: Human beings are the chief contributors to the water resource problem in the world.

Non living factors that cause water pollution can be due to industrial wastes such as heavy metals, resin pellets, organic toxins, oils, nutrients, discharges from power stations and silt bearing runoff from agriculture, deforestation and construction sites.

Other non living factors that contribute to the problem are untreated sewage causing solid and organic wastes which usually goes to the rivers, without proper treatment.

This causes organic and water pollution which affects the quality of water. River pollution can potentially affect other human communities who rely on the river for various purposes.

Climatic changes resulting in shrinking of glaciers has affected the amount of rainfall and thereby reducing the fresh water resources. Living factors that contribute to the problem are increase in plant growth and decay in waters. Increased water pollution causes.Key words: water resources, water availability, sustainable water management, conservation of water.

Introduction: Water a miracle of nature, wonderful creation in this world that posses divine power to make all the living beings survive. Mar 30,  · Water Resources Essay Water is an essential resource. It is also a nonrenewable or finite resource: While water supplies can be regenerated by creating new water molecules from their elemental beginnings (hydrogen and oxygen), the energy required to create large usable pools of water is currently too energy costly to be feasible.

The water resources in India can be classified into three aspects for the purpose of study. Each of these categories is a part of the earth’s water circulatory system. The primary source of water on the earth is precipitation that comes in the form of rain and snowfall.

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A part of this is lost by. Protecting Our Water Resources Essay Words 6 Pages In today's society water is like a survival kit in which it is one of the most important resources for the environment and people.

Water is one of the most precious resources the earth provides to mankind. Its use in modern age is manifold.

Why Water Is So Important for Life?

We drink water to satisfy our thirst. We use it for domestic needs, irrigation, industrial use, transportation, power production and waste disposal. Water is universal solvent.

Thanks to our nature; it is very rich in water.

Essay water resources

Feb 11,  · WATER RESOURCES Water is an essential element to our everyday existence. Its role is vital in the sustenance of all life forms, as well as in agricultural, industrial, households, recreational and environmental activities.

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