Employee benefits and services for employees

Sick Leave Exempt and bargaining unit employees accumulate sick leave each pay period. Exempt employees and bargaining unit employees, except employees represented by SEIU Districtaccumulate 3.

Employee benefits and services for employees

Your success is determined by the ability of each individual to work together in harmony in order to achieve your desired result. Our passion for this business leads us to explore solutions that deliver results ahead of the typical market trends.

Let us help propel your organization to be "best of breed" as well. Get practical solutions that help you manage your menu of benefits, keep apprised of emerging benefits trends that keep you competitive, and safeguard your liability when it comes to compliance.

This is the team member who works behind the scenes on the day-to-day needs of your business - from quote requests or bids on health plans to spreadsheet preparation, proposal creation, faxing and filing.

Works to addresses all employee health benefits issues; for example, enrollment, termination, and claim issues. Also process enrollments, act as a liaison to insurance carriers and answers questions relating to pertinent federal and state legislation.

Read More Killer Questions for your Broker Does your broker-dealer deliver the answers and tools that make managing your employee benefits program more effective and efficient? Here are a few questions that can help you make an accurate assessment Read More Broker Partnerships Because EBS has invested in re-directing the employee benefits process and re-educating our clients and staff, other brokers have noticed.

As a result, many have asked us to partner with them in managing their own corporate clients. Read More Strategic Planning Each year, organizations like yours face the daunting task of maintaining their current level of benefits while staying within budget. But these "solutions" never really solve the underlying reasons their carrier is increasing costs.

Our strategy is different.


And it bends the cost curve so our clients can recruit top talent and retain their current employees. Read More Benefits Advocacy Corporations both large and small invest millions of dollars around their employee benefits programs each year.

At EBS, we feel it is our responsibility to help educate, bring awareness to, and ensure that your employees have a clear understanding of all that is offered to them.

Employee benefits and services for employees

We communicate this by using several outstanding methods that make it easier than ever to understand - and work with - everything offered. Read More Corporate Partners At EBS, we surround ourselves with partners that afford our clients with the highest levels of service, innovation, and resources.

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We take the time to develop trusting relationships that mean the most for our team and ultimately, for you, our client. Read More Compliance The world of employee benefits can be a treacherous path to navigate without the right partner. Recent regulation has made it even more difficult for businesses to remain in compliance.

Don't be left in the dark when it comes to understanding your employer responsibilities.

Employee benefits and services for employees

With the increased scope of regulation, we feel auditing performed by the Department of Labor will cover all group sizes with greater intensity.Sep 06,  · Employee Benefits Employee Benefits. English; More In File discounts on property or services, memberships in country clubs or other social clubs, and tickets to entertainment or sporting events.

If an employer pays the cost of an accident or health insurance plan for his/her employees, including an employee’s . Our employee benefits solutions will help your company develop a strong foundation for all your employee benefits needs. -Services-Employee Benefits.

Benefits Cost Containment Strategy + Regulatory & Compliance Support. Let's design a voluntary benefits program that meet your employees' needs. The Importance of Employee Benefits Employee Benefits. Article. and optional when evaluating an employee benefits package.

When employees have the ability to pick and customize benefits according to their needs, it may encourage participation in benefits plans.

Payroll Services Brandon Hall Group Gold Excellence in . Employee Benefits. The university offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to meet the diverse needs of its employees including health care and dental care options, retirement plans, long-term disability insurance, paid time off, professional development and a host of work/life quality programs.

Employee Benefits. We offer the standard federal benefits and the fringe benefits of training and career development. We offer a variety of Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance & Long Term Care benefits to employees. Learn More. Vacation Time & Sick Leave We offer generous vacation and sick leave benefits, as well as U.S.

General. Employee benefits aren’t limited to healthcare. There’s a wide range of benefits you can provide for your employees, from health insurance to commuter benefits to k savings accounts to life insurance.

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