Changing the oil in your motorcycle

There may be a great variety of different motorcycles, across a range of classes from cruiser to sport and everything in between, but the process of changing oil remains pretty much the same across the board. One thing worth noting is that for some motorbikes, the oil filter only needs to be changed at every second oil change.

Changing the oil in your motorcycle

How to Change Oil and Fluids in Harley Motorcycles Instructions on How to Change Oil and Fluids in Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Engine, Primary, Transmission Timely oil changes are crucial for the performance and smooth operation of your motorcycle but going for that service to a dealer can put a dent in your pocket.

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You can save some money by doing this simple service yourself. It is always a good idea to read your owner? It is better to change the oil after a warm-up. Ride your Harley for miles to bring the oil temperature up to operating temp to keep it in suspension mode.

Makes sure your motorcycle is in vertical position. Remove the plug on the bottom of the oil pan and drain all the oil into a container. It will take a few minutes. Please dispose of the used oil properly. Inspect the O-ring on the oil plug and replace it if it is torn.

Now, stop the engine and using the dipstick add oil as needed to the top of the level. Notice that some of the newer model? Please refer to your owner? Softail Harley Primary Oil Change. Stand the bike straight up. Drain the oil primary fluid. You will need oz of oil primary fluid.

Open the clutch inspection cover and fill with primary fluid to the bottom of the clutch basket. Make sure you don? Softail Harley Transmission Oil Change. Transmissions vary so it is hard to come up with a universal method of changing Harley transmission oil.

Some information you may want to know: Make sure that you use the best oil you can find because you don? Your bike needs to be straight up for a proper oil level measurement and oil change. On some newer models it has to be on a kickstand so please see your owner? Engine Oil Change Touring models are quite different.

These engines take more oil. So put in 3. Drain screw is facing front and located on the leading edge of the oil pan.

Changing the oil in your motorcycle

Use your dipstick to determine the oil level when the oil is hot. Touring Primary Fluid Change. Most primaries use 1 quart of oil and newer models use 38oz. Motorcycle should be in straight up position and oil primary fluid should be filled to the bottom of the clutch basket.

Going over that level will result in some troubles with shifting and finding neutral.

(Engine, Primary, Transmission)

Check oil levels in straight-up position. Use 1 quart of high quality transmission oil transmission fluid. Drain screw is usually located facing down on the bottom of the oil pan. Use new O-ring with transmission oil change. Torque the drain screw correctly. A steel bolt may damage the aluminum oil pan if over tightened.?

One more thing here.?Jul 03,  · Changing the oil in a motorcycle is similar to changing the oil in a car, as the oil must be drained, the filter must be replaced and new oil must be poured.

Changing the oil in your motorcycle

Amsoil - The best synthetic motor oil change for your motorcycle. Protect your motorcycle's engine with cooler operation temperatures and unbeatable engine protection no matter where you ride, whether it is cruising on a Sunday on the open road or in heavy traffic where it is one of those stop and go days.

How to Change Your Motorcycle's Oil and Filter Changing your engine's oil is one of the simplest&#and most vital&#item on your motorcycle's to-do list.

Doing it yourself is easy and will save you money. Jul 29,  · Anyway i say unless your thrashing the bike you dont need to be changing your oil so much. i say oil and filter every mi/km if your doing hard road riding and mi/km if you being a girl on it. i change the oil in my bike every km and it has 36,km with no issues at all.

More than a little truth lies in the old saying, "The two most important things about motor oil are 1) the engine actually has oil in it and 2) the oil gets changed occasionally." Riders who want to get the maximum life and performance out of their motorcycles usually change the oil every miles with something like religious fervor.

Changing the oil doesn't need a lot of tools or parts, but here are items you need: funnel, oil drain pan, socket kit, hammer, filter wrench, motorcycle oil and an oil filter. It might be smart to grab some extra towels or rags to keep your hands clean and to lay down some old newspaper or cardboard under your .

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