An analysis of the old days again

Jazz pick and roll the Mavericks to death Ah, good old pick and roll. The play perfected by John Stockton and Karl Malone was almost synonymous with Jazz basketball until the league really adopted it wholesale in this millennium.

An analysis of the old days again

Regarded as one of his most famous works, this story is read in high schools all over America. What began as a simple story about an aging fisherman, turned into something far more meaningful. It was immediately regarded as a classic.

Although a short story, it is jampacked with deeper meaning. It is a story about meeting goals, and meeting your fate.

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On the 85th day of his unlucky streak, Santiago heads to the Gulf Stream, sets his lines, and has his bait taken by a Marlin.

Santiago finds himself pulled by the Marlin, and two days and nights pass with him still holding onto the line. Despite his excruciating pain, Santiago has a soft spot for this Marlin, often calling him brother.

He even states that no one will get to eat the fish. On the third day, Santiago finally stabs the Marlin with his harpoon, and straps it to the side of his boat, before heading home. The blood from the fish calls the sharks, who then cause Santiago to lose his weapon.

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Soon, the sharks eat the majority of the Marlin, and Santiago proclaims that they have killed his dreams. He returns to shore, where everyone admires the carcass—18 feet from nose to tail. Santaiago takes no pride in this. Instead, he drinks coffee, promises Manolin to fish together once again, and returns to sleep.

He dreams of his youth, of lions on an African beach. Santiago carries his mast back to shore after his Marlin encounter. The way in which he carries it signifies the time when Jesus was crucified and carried the cross.

The Shovel-Nosed Sharks that eat the Marlin are said to be literary critics.

An analysis of the old days again

Hemingway found them irritating, always bashing writers, without creating anything themselves. The sea itself is symbolic. It hides important things from Santiago, like the Marlin.

When it finally gives it to him, Santiago must fight to keep it. The sea is life. Life hides things from us, only to reveal them later. Manolin is love an compassion, as well as the circle of life. Despite everything, Manolin loves Santiago, and shows him love and compassion, like checking up on him when he arrived back with a Marlin carcass.

For Santiago, lions are symbols of his youth on the African beach. This sends the point across that he might be too old to fish now. From author interviews to how literature meets gaming to expert insight into tools and writing processes, her dedication to helping our author community is quite inspiring.

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