Advertising and promotion evaluating arguments

Advertising Effectiveness by Jerry W. Thomas The advertising industry, as a whole, has the poorest quality-assurance systems and turns out the most inconsistent product their ads and commercials of any industry in the world.

Advertising and promotion evaluating arguments

He became a walking contradiction, spending weekdays writing ads promoting petrol-guzzling V8 cars and weekends researching the dire impacts of climate change. Why do we need a new and improved argument against advertising? The first reason is that we now know much more about the environmental impact of consumerism than we did in the s, s, s or even in the s.

In the last five years in Australia, the advertising industry has taken on a new public image. Gruen and advertising as fun Of course, The Gruen Transfer was never intended to be a cheerleader for consumerism. But from the very beginning it had little leeway to seriously question the role of advertising in society.

Any strong criticism would have angered advertising agencies, leaving the show without willing commentators. The Gruen Transfer also focuses on individual ads; a true critique of advertising needs to consider its overall impact on society, culture and the environment.

As a former employee of the industry, The Gruen Transfer reminds me of conversations I had within the walls of advertising agencies, where social issues — such as the link between fast food marketing and obesity — were acknowledged, and then dismissed with a clever joke. Indeed, advertising is fun.

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The chance to get paid to come up with zany ideas was what attracted me to the industry in the first place. So while my friends sat in university lecture halls learning about history or philosophy, I spent my years of higher education staring at jam jars and sauce bottles, trying to write taglines that captured the emotional essence of kitchen condiments.

Once I graduated, I spent about five years working full-time in the industry. But as I progressed in my career, I started researching climate change, and I learned that the root cause of many environmental issues was overconsumption in developed countries.

To put it simply, people in rich countries like Australia are using up more resources than the planet can replenish. Advertising and overconsumption As someone who worked in the advertising industry, I felt personally responsible for promoting this overconsumption, and so I left my job.

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Afterwards, I started researching my former profession, and I learned that the public has always had a healthy distrust of advertising. Throughout history, advertising has been criticised for a long list of social ills, including promoting materialism, reinforcing warped sexual stereotypes and cultivating discontent in order to sell more stuff.

Advertising and promotion evaluating arguments

Creating desires and inventing body odour Advertising creates desires. An advertisement for Lynx deodorant. The Unilever executive explained that one strategy for expansion was to make Asians self-conscious about their body odour. The point here is that, through paranoia, the advertising is seeking to create a market where none existed before.

You might have seen this ad on TV. If they take off, they have the potential to create a new social norm. Again, a sense of paranoia is creating a market. The culture of discontent One way advertising creates new desires is to promote discontent with what you have.

The best examples of this come from the late s. Advertising Introduction: Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service than competing brands or services – or if the advertising in not on behalf of a brand but for instance a public service – to change their.

To counter the increasing criticism of advertising aiming at children media literacy organizations are also initiated and funded by corporations and the advertising business themselves. In the US the Advertising Educational Foundation was created in supported by ad agencies, advertisers and media companies.

Persuasive Techniques in Advertising. (such as Burger King's "Have It Your Way" promotion), advertisers are appealing to the demographic group of "people who like to be thought of as individuals," not to any single consumer. distribute the Commercial Assessment rubric and explain that you will use it to evaluate the commercials they.

Ethics in Advertising and Promotion Not all issues can be regulated A marketing or promotion action may be legal but not ethical Marketers must.

Advertising and promotion evaluating arguments

Evaluating the Social, Ethical, And Economic Aspects of Advertising and Promotion -- Advertising and Promotion Ethics -- Social and Ethical Criticisms of Advertising -- Advertising as Untruthful or Deceptive -- Advertising as Offensive or in Bad Taste -- Advertising and Children -- Social and Cultural Consequences -- Summarizing Social Effects.

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