A personal experience of hunting a deer

Namibia, Mozambique Jeff Schaeffer said: One had lived and hunted in Africa for 9 years, but two of us had never hunted there before and we had a long discussion about rifles. As a person who has to work for a living, I had to make a decision on whether to get a rifle for my first trip, or use my I was told by several people that it would be fine, and I could borrow a heavier gun for eland.

A personal experience of hunting a deer

Share Photograph Courtesy of Mossy Oak Choosing a list of top 10 favorite deer hunting cartridges is no easy task, particularly since there are so many suitable cartridges that could make the list.

Let me put this perspective. I am lucky; I have done something I love for much of my adult life. I paid a lot of dues to get here, but I have made my living for several decades by writing about guns and hunting. I get to hunt a lot and some years I have taken as many 10 or 15 deer.

I also donated a lot of meat.

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Nothing was ever wasted. I tried all the popular cartridges as well as some well out of the mainstream. I mean, how many guys do you know who have shot deer with a. How many of you have even heard of that cartridge for that matter?

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For years writers would say that the. This is a cartridge that is well suited to any deer hunting anyplace deer are hunted. This is one of the most versatile cartridges ever created.

In terms of hunting deer, it may well be the best of the bunch. Recoil is mild, the. I borrowed that phrase from a PH in Zimbabwe. He is right; there was a time when I thought it was a dragon slayer.

My first centerfire rifle was a. I tried, but my experiences led me down a different path. However, I very much like the.

My wife gave me my first. It shoots flat for long-range work and is an extremely accurate cartridge. I have a Remington Custom Shop. For a lot of years, I disdained this cartridge. Well before the internet made it popular to do so, I focused on the.

A personal experience of hunting a deer

There must be a reason. Sometime in my forties I decided that no true gun guy can claim the title and not own a Model 94 in. I bought one made a year before I was born and took it hunting. A bunch of deer later I changed my mind. What I was not seeing in my youthful arrogance was that my problem with the.

If you do it right, this cartridge will put deer on the game pole. This more powerful version of the.

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Nosler and Hornady have factory ammo. Nosler, Kimber and probably others have rifles, too. And I have it on good authority that a major gun maker will be offering.Colorado has many opportunities for hunters to experience the hunting world. Again, just decide if you are an archery hunter, muzzleloader hunter, or the simple rifle hunter.

Colorado has one archery season, one muzzleloader season, and four different rifle seasons. Come experience Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting at its finest on 50, acres here at Brinlee Ranch Hunts, where we specialize in offering professionally guided & outfitted West Texas deer hunts.

This single ranch is located in Terrell County on the rugged western edge of the Edwards Plateau in West Texas and is completely free range low fence hunting.

One deer ran toward me and then ran off to a distance. I went where trees were standing and climbed up where I could see in all directions. The deer were moving about but there was nothing that could be used for cover.

Being unable to get close, with the sight at the highest notch, I shot and missed. The deer ran east and I followed them.

Well, the remote mountains of South Carolina may be just the place where your dreams can come true. But for those unfamiliar with the rugged terrain, hunting deer in the mountains can be a frustrating experience.

Deer hunting is a good thing You’re driving home from a movie with your best friends and you’re doing about 60 on a country road you’ve known all your life. All of a sudden, out of your peripheral view, you see a couple of deer heading straight for your cars path.

Deer Lottery The Deer Lottery is conducted annually to award a limited number of permits for deer hunting on certain state lands and Controlled Hunt areas.

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