A comparison of e bays original business model and its latest model

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A comparison of e bays original business model and its latest model

What are the problems that eBay is currently facing? How is eBay trying to solve these problems? The business model overcomes the inefficiencies of traditional marketplaces, which tend to be fragmented and offer a relatively limited variety of goods.

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This business model also saves on the transaction cost per sale, due to absence of intermediaries. Further eBay maintains zero inventory unlike Amazon.

In particular, this model has been successful in addressing markets of new and scarce goods, and end-of-life products, and used and vintage items, which would otherwise be difficult to locate and purchase.

A comparison of e bays original business model and its latest model

The original model was not diversified thus the company would continue to lose value, market share and reduced profitability as a result of consumers shopping with the competition that has more items and competitive pricing strategies to offer.

Although eBay was the number one leader in online auction retail, there are several rivals that offer the same products for less currency which is always a contributing factor for online shoppers choosing a retail option. The current business model offers eBay a variety of options stemming from developing strategic alliances that would enable the company to have an oligopolistic approach to online retail.

In addition to establishing relationships with other organizations and venturing into new markets, the company would possess an advantage of global growth expansion with a stronger positioning in the marketplace. This methodology was the fundamental mold that interconnected perspective business owner with the consumer through the e-commerce infrastructure.

Using the web has also brought along with it some challenges, especially regarding trust issues between buyers and sellers.

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CMIS Diya Alwan, Crystal Willette, Lacey Grandjamb, and Hanan Abouon eBay Evolves Case Study 1) Contrast eBay’s original business model with its current business model. eBay’s original business model mainly focused on auctions%(18).

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